Organizations listed here are eligible to purchase off the MiCTA contracts.  Membership to purchase off MiCTA contracts is required. Members highlighted in yellow are ACTIVE members.





Arkansas Hospice


Decatur General Hospital 
Infirmary Health System 
Alabama Primary Health Care Association



George L. Mee Memorial Hospital



Developmental Disabilities Resource Center 
Grand River Hospital District 
Yampa Valley Medical Center 


Connections CSP Inc 


Cleveland Clinic Florida
Humane Society of Pinellas 
Jewish Family and Community Services
Westchester General Hospital


Monroe County Hospital


Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center 


Bingham Memorial Hospital  


Desert Sage Health Center                                                                           

Valley Center Health                                                                                     

 Glenns Ferry Health Center, Inc.                                                                  



Advocate - 87th St OB/GYN
Advocate - 93rd St Family Medicine
Advocate - 93rd St General Surgery
Advocate - 93rd St Gyne/Oncology
Advocate - 93rd St Imaging
Advocate - 93rd St Maternal/Fetal
Advocate - 93rd St OB/GYN
Advocate - 93rd St Podiatry
Advocate - 93rd St Radiologists 
Advocate - 900 West Nelson Street
Advocate - 4700 W 95th General Surgery
Advocate - Adult Down Syndrome Center
Advocate - Algonquin Outpatient
Advocate - Barrington, Garlands St
Advocate - Barrington GHS, Hospitalists
Advocate - Barrington GHS, Neonatology
Advocate - Barrington, McHenry Ave
Advocate - Barrington Family Medicine
Advocate - Barrington Fitness
Advocate - Barrington Internal Medicine
Advocate - Bartlett
Advocate - Batavia Outpatient
Advocate - Bloomington Family Medicine
Advocate - BroMenn, Emergency Medicine
Advocate - BroMenn Outpatient
Advocate - BroMenn, Psychiatry
Advocate - Buffalo Grove
Advocate - Burbank
Advocate - Burbank Hospitalists
Advocate - Algonquin, Merchant Dr
Advocate - Algonquin, Randall Rd
Advocate - Arlington Heights
Advocate - Aurora Pediatric
Advocate - Cardiothoracic and Vascular
Advocate - Center for Advanced Care
Advocate - Center For Breast Care
Advocate - Chicago, 68th St
Advocate - Chicago, 95th St
Advocate - Chicago, 103rd St
Advocate - Chicago, 108th St
Advocate - Chicago, 111th St
Advocate - Chicago, 118th St
Advocate - Chicago Beverly
Advocate - Chicago Beverly Imaging
Advocate - Chicago Cardiovascular
Advocate - Chicago, Creticos Oncology
Advocate - Chicago Dermatology
Advocate - Chicago, Foster Ave
Advocate - Chicago, Hyde Park
Advocate - Chicago, Logan Square
Advocate - Chicago, N Central Ave
Advocate - Chicago, N Halsted
Advocate - Chicago, North Ave
Advocate - Chicago, North Ave Imaging
Advocate - Chicago, North California Ave
Advocate - Chicago, North Cicero Ave
Advocate - Chicago, North Western Ave
Advocate - Chicago OB/GYN
Advocate - Chicago, Ravenswood Ave
Advocate - Chicago Ravenswood OB/GYN
Advocate - Chicago Ridge Cosmetic Surgery
Advocate - Chicago Ridge Ophthalmology
Advocate - Chicago, S Halsted
Advocate - Chicago, S Ridgeland
Advocate - Chicago, Wilton
Advocate - Chicago, Wilton Midwifery
Advocate - Chicago, Wilton OB/Gyne
Advocate - Chicago, Wilton Pediatrics
Advocate - Chicago, Wilton Psychiatry
Advocate - Clinical Ethics and Pallative Medicine
Advocate - Clinton
Advocate - CMC Emergency Medicine
Advocate - CMC Hospitalists
Advocate - Condell General Surgery
Advocate - Condell Hospitalists
Advocate - Condell OB/Gyne
Advocate - Condell Radiation Oncology
Advocate - Congress Pkwy Immediate Care
Advocate - Congress Pkwy Maternal/Fetal
Advocate - Congress Pkwy Primary Care
Advocate - County Line Rd
Advocate - Crystal Lake, Memorial Ct
Advocate - Crystal Lake Outpatient
Advocate - Des Plaines Addiction Medicine
Advocate - Des Plaines Behavioral Center
Advocate - Des Plaines Internal Medicine
Advocate - Des Plaines OB/Gyne
Advocate - Des Plaines Urology
Advocate - Downers Grove, 1441 Branding
Advocate - Downers Grove, 1341 Warren
Advocate - Downers Grove, Main St
Advocate - Downers Grove Behavioral Health
Advocate - Downers Grove Breast Surgery
Advocate - Downers Grove Hospitalists
Advocate - Downers Grove Internal Medicine
Advocate - Downers Grove Maternal/Fetal
Advocate - Downers Grove Neurosurgery
Advocate - Downers Grove Occupational Health
Advocate - Downers Grove Outpatient
Advocate - Downers Grove Palliative Medicine 
Advocate - Downers Grove Radiology
Advocate - Downers Grove South Outpatient
Advocate - Downers Grove Trauma and General Surgery
Advocate - East Dundee
Advocate - Eastland Neurology
Advocate - Eastland Rheumatology
Advocate - El Paso
Advocate - Elgin, Center St
Advocate - Elgin Outpatient
Advocate - Elk Grove, Occupational Health
Advocate - Elmhurst Emergency Medicine 
Advocate - Elmhurst Neonatology
Advocate - Elmhurst Pediatric Neurology
Advocate - Empire Colorectal Surgery
Advocate - Empire Immediate Care
Advocate - Empire Internal Medicine
Advocate - Empire Occupational Health
Advocate - Empire Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Advocate - Empire Pediatrics
Advocate - Eureka
Advocate - Eureka Emergency Medicine
Advocate - Evergreen Park Nephrology
Advocate - Evergreen Park, Western Ave
Advocate - Fairbury
Advocate - Fox Valley Villages
Advocate - Frankfort, LaGrange Rd
Advocate - Garfield Rd Maternal/Fetal
Advocate - Garfield Rd Surgical Associates
Advocate - General and Vascular Surgery
Advocate - General Surgery Tower 1
Advocate - General Surgery Tower 2
Advocate - Glenbrook Pediatrics
Advocate - Glenview Imaging
Advocate - Glenview, Waukegan Rd
Advocate - Glenview, Milwaukee Ave
Advocate - Grayslake Physical Therapy
Advocate - Greenwood Internal Medicine
Advocate - Greenwood Occupational Health
Advocate - Gurnee Family Medicine
Advocate - Gurnee Immediate Care Center
Advocate - Gurnee OB/GYN 
Advocate - Gurnee Physician Offices
Advocate - Gynecologic Oncology
Advocate - Hampshire 
Advocate - Harvey
Advocate - Hazel Crest Anesthesiology
Advocate - Hazel Crest Chronic Disease Clinic
Advocate - Hazel Crest Gastroenterology
Advocate - Hazel Crest Gyne/Oncology
Advocate - Hazel Crest Internal Medicine
Advocate - Hazel Crest OB/Gyne
Advocate - Hazel Crest Occupational Health
Advocate - Hazel Crest 176th & Kedzie
Advocate - Hazel Crest, 177th St
Advocate - Hershey Behavior Health
Advocate - Highland Outpatient
Advocate - Hinckley Outpatient
Advocate - Hollister Pediatrics
Advocate - Hometown
Advocate - Huntley
Advocate - Hyperbalic Healing
Advoacte - Internal Medicine
Advocate - IMMC Emergency Medicine
Advocate - IMMC Hospitalists
Advocate - Irving and Western
Advocate - Irving and Western Hospitalists
Advocate - Irving and Western Imaging
Advocate - Island Lake
Advocate - Lake Barrington
Advocate - Lake Zurich
Advocate - Lake Zurich Neurosurgery
Advocate - Lake Zurich Occupational Health
Advocate - Lake Zurich Oupatient
Advocate - Landmark, Otolaryngology
Advocate - Lemont, 127th St
Advocate - Lemont Outpatient
Advocate - LeRoy
Advocate - Lexington
Advocate - LGH Pediatric Hospitalists
Advocate - Libertyville 716 Milwaukee Ave
Advocate - Libertyville 755 Milwaukee Ave
Advocate - Libertyville Physicians Offices
Advocate - Libertyville Weight Management
Advocate - Libertyville West Winchester
Advocate - Lincolnshire Orthopedics
Advocate - Lincolnwood
Advocate - Lockport Outpatient
Advocate - Lockport Pediatric Pulmonology
Advocate - Lockport Suite 210
Advocate - Lockport Suite 320
Advocate - N Halsted Antenatal Resource Center
Advocate - N Halsted Colon and Rectal Surgery
Advocate - N Halsted Internal Medicine
Advocate - N Halsted Neurosurgery
Advocate - N Halsted OB/Gyne
Advocate - N Halsted Podiatry
Advocate - N Halsted Rheumatology
Advocate - N Halsted Surgery
Advocate - N Halsted Urogynecology
Advocate - N Halsted Urology
Advocate - N Halsted Vascular Surgery
Advocate - N McLean Boulevard 
Advocate - N Randall Rd
Advocate - N Randall Rd General Surgery
Advocate - N Randall Rd Peds Hospitalists
Advocate - N St. Clair Plastic Surgery
Advocate - Nesset Endocrinology
Advocate - Nesset Family Medicine
Advocate - Nesset Geriatric Medicine
Advocate - Nesset Imaging
Advocate - Nesset Neurology
Advocate - Nesset Post Acute Care
Advocate - Nesset Specialists
Advocate - Niles, Caldwell St
Advocate - Niles, Dempster St Wound Care
Advocate - Niles, N Milwaukee Ave
Advocate - Normal, 1302 Franklin Ave
Advocate - Normal, 1302 Frankin Neurology
Advocate - Normal, Allergy and Immunology
Advocate - Normal, Behavioral Health
Advocate - Normal, Medicine and Rehab
Advocate - Normal, Franklin Ave
Advocate - Normal, Franklin Ave Neurology
Advocate - Normal, Franklin Ave Surgery
Advocate - Normal, Franklin Endocrinology
Advocate - Normal, Franklin Immediate Care
Advocate - Normal, Franklin Pulmonology
Advocate - Normal, Weight Loss Clinic
Advocate - North Aurora Outpatient 
Advocate - Main St Immediate Care Center
Advocate - Main St Vein Center
Advocate - Mattoon
Advocate - McHenry
Advocate - Merrionette Park
Advocate - MidAmerica Cardiovascular
Advocate - Morton Grove
Advocate - Mount Prospect
Advocate - Mundelein Physician Offices
Advocate - Oak Lawn Adloescent Medicine
Advocate - Oak Lawn Adult Medicine
Advocate - Oak Lawn Anesthesiology
Advocate - Oak Lawn Behavioral Health
Advocate - Oak Lawn Cardiovascular Surgery
Advocate - Oak Lawn ENT
Advocate - Oak Lawn Family Medicine
Advocate - Oak Lawn General Surgery
Advocate - Oak Lawn Gyne/Oncology
Advocate - Oak Lawn Infectious Disease
Advocate - Oak Lawn Kidney Transplant
Advocate - Oak Lawn Labor and Delivery
Advocate - Oak Lawn Neuro-Oncology
Advocate - Oak Lawn Neurology
Advocate - Oak Lawn Neurosurgery
Advocate - Oak Lawn Neurovascular Center
Advocate - Oak Lawn Maternal/Fetal
Advocate - Oak Lawn OB/Gyne
Advocate - Oak Lawn Oncology
Advocate - Oak Lawn Oupatient
Advocate - Oak Lawn Pediatric
Advocate - Oak Lawn Pediatric Hematology
Advocate - Oak Lawn Pediatric Neurology
Advocate - Oak Lawn Plastic Surgery
Advocate - Oak Lawn Rheumatology
Advocate - Oak Lawn Southwest Highway
Advocate - Oak Lawn Trauma Surgery
Advocate - Ogden Ave Pediatric Dermatology
Advocate - Ogden Ave Pediatric Urology
Advocate - Ogden Ave Peds Pulmonology
Advocate - Olympia Fields, Imaging
Advocate - Olympia Fields, Vollmer Rd
Advocate - Orland Park, 167th St
Advocate - Orland Park, 167th St Imaging
Advocate - Orland Park, General Surgery
Advocate - Orland Park, Nephrology
Advocate - Orland Park, OB/Gyne
Advocate - Orland Park, Opthalmology
Advocate - Orland Park, Ravina Ave
Advocate - Orchard Road Outpatient
Advocate - Oswego Outpatient
Advocate - Peoria Emergency Medicine
Advocate - Palos Heights, Gynecology
Advocate - Palos Heights, Harlem Ave
Advocate - Palos Heights Outpatient
Advocate - Palos Hills
Advocate - Park Ridge Breast Surgery
Advocate - Park Ridge Chiropractic
Advocate - Park Ridge Emergency Medicine
Advocate - Park Ridge General Surgery
Advocate - Park Ridge Genetics
Advocate - Park Ridge Hospitalists
Advocate - Park Ridge Neonatology
Advocate - Park Ridge Neuro-Oncology
Advocate - Park Ridge Neurology
Advocate - Park Ridge Neurovascular Center
Advocate - Park Ridge Nuclear Medicine
Advocate - Park Ridge Maternal/Fetal
Advocate - Park Ridge Memory Center
Advocate - Park Ridge OB/Gyne
Advocate - Park Ridge Oncology
Advocate - Park Ridge Pain Management
Advocate - Park Ridge Pediatric Care
Advocate - Psychiatry
Advocate - Park Ridge Trauma Surgery
Advocate - Peds CMC Hospitalists
Advocate - Plainfield Outpatient
Advocate - Pontiac
Advocate - Randall Rd Outpatient
Advocate - Riverside
Advocate - RLB Immediate Care Center
Advocate - Roanoke
Advocate - Rush Copley Medical Center
Advocate - Rush Copley Outpatient
Advocate - Ryan Parkway
Advocate - South Elgin
Advocate - South Elgin Outpatient
Advocate - South Exchange OB/Gyne
Advocate - South Holland
Advocate - South Holland Hospitalists
Advocate - South Holland Imaging
Advocate - Springfield
Advocate - S Western OB/GYN
Advocate - SSH Emergency Medicine
Advocate - SSH Maternal/ Fetal
Advocate - SSH OB/Gyne
Advocate - St. Charles Outpatient
Advocate - Streator
Advocate - Sykes MLK
Advocate - Sykes MLK Hospitalists
Advocate - Sykes MLK Otolaryngology
Advocate - The Center of Elgin
Advocate - Tinley Park
Advocate - Tinley Park General Surgery
Advocate - Tinley Park Outpatient
Advocate - Tinley Park Pediatric Specialists
Advocate - Tinley Park Pediatric Urology
Advocate - Tinley Park Women's Health
Advocate - Vernon Hills
Advocate - Vernon Hills Immediate Care
Advocate - Wauconda
Advocate - West Aurora
Advocate - West Downer Outpatient
Advocate - Westmont
Advocate - Winfield
Advocate - Waukegan Rd Immediate Care
Advocate - Wellington Psychiatry
Advocate - Wellington Trauma Surgery 
Advocate - Woodridge
Advocate - Yacktman Educational Counseling
Advocate - Yacktman OB/Gyne
Advocate - Yacktman Pediatric Subspecialists
Advocate - Yacktman Pediatrics
Advocate - Yacktman Peds Hem/Onc
Advocate - Yacktman Peds Nephrology
Advocate - Yacktman Psychiatry
Advocate - Yacktman Psychology
Advocate - Yacktman Sports Medicine
Advocate - Yorkville Outpatient
Advocate Children's Hospital - Oak Lawn
Advocate Children's Hospital - Park Ridge
Advocate Health Care
Advocate Heart Institute 1775 Dempster St
Advocate Heart Institute 1785 Dempster St
Advocate Heart Institute 203rd St
Advocate Heart Institute 93rd St
Advocate Heart Institute 95th St
Advocate Heart Institute Algonquin
Advocate Heart Institute Ashland Ave
Advocate Heart Institute Aurora
Advocate Heart Institute Barrington
Advocate Heart Institute Bloomington
Advocate Heart Institute Bolingbrook
Advocate Heart Instittue Cicero Ave
Advocate Heart Institute Crest Hill
Advocate Heart Institute Downers Grove
Advocate Heart Institute Elgin
Advocate Heart Institute Elmhurst
Advocate Heart Institute Eureka
Advocate Heart Institute Fletcher Dr
Advocate Heart Institute Frankfort
Advocate Heart Institute Hazel Park
Advocate Heart Institute Hoffman Estates
Advocate Heart Institute Kedzie Ave
Advocate Heart Institute Libertyville
Advocate Heart Institute Merriville
Advocate Heart Institute Munster
Advocate Heart Institute N Halsted
Advocate Heart Institute N Marine Dr
Advocate Heart Institute Normal
Advocate Heart Institute Ogden Ave
Advocate Heart Instittue Orlando Park
Advocate Heart Institute Palos Heights
Advocate Heart Institute Park Ridge
Advocate Heart Institute Plainfield
Advocate Heart Institute Polk Street
Advocate Heart Institute Pontiac
Advocate Heart Institute Rockford
Advocate Heart Institute Sandwich
Advocate Heart Institute Tinley Park
Advocate Heart Institute Vollmer Rd
Advocate Heart Institute W Foster Ave
Advocate Heart Institute Washington St
Advocate Heart Institute Wellington
American Hospital Association
Beacon Therapeutic Diagnostic & Treatment
BroMenn Medical Center
Christ Medical Center
Condell Medical Center
Eureka Hospital
Good Samaritan Hospital
Good Shepherd Hospital
Grand Prarie Services
Healthcare Financial Management Association 
Illinois Masonic Medical Center
Joliet Area Community Hospice  
Lutheran General Hospital
Mather LifeWays 
Mercy Algonquin Medical Center
Mercy Barrington Medical Center
Mercy Center for Corrective Eye Surgery - McHenry
Mercy Crystal Lake Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center
Mercy Crystal Lake Medical Center - East
Mercy Crystal Lake Medical Center - South
Mercy Crystal Lake OB/GYN
Mercy Harvard Clinic South
Mercy Harvard Hospital
Mercy Harvard Hospital Clinic
Mercy McHenry Medical Center
Mercy Northwest Women's Group
Mercy Pediatrics - Algonquin
Mercy Pediatrics - Elgin
Mercy Richmond Medical Center
Mercy Women's Healthcare Center - Algonquin
Mercy Women's Healthcare Center - Elgin
Mercy Women's Healthcare Center - Hoffman Estates
Mercy Woodstock Medical Center
Naperville Vein Center
Rockford Health Physicians - Alpine
Rockford Health Physicians - Belvidere
Rockford Health Physicians - Building 1
Rockford Health Physicians - Building 2
Rockford Health Physicians - Byron
Rockford Health Physicians - McFarland
Rockford Health Physicians - Mulford
Rockford Health Physicians - Perryville
Rockford Health Physicians - Roscoe
Rockford Health Physicians - Winnebago
Rockford Health System
Rockford Memorial Hospital
Rush Presbyterian - St. Luke's Medical Center
Sherman Hospital
South Asian Cardiovascular Center
South Suburban Hospital
The Women's Center at Rockford Health System
Transitions of Western Illinois
Trinity Hospital
Van Matre Health South Rehab Hospital


Baugo Community School  
Community Health Network 
Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana, Inc
Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.  
Gibson General Hospital
Indiana Association for Home & Hospice Care  
Kings Daughters Hospital 


Baxter Springs Medical Clinic
Coffeyville Medical Clinic
Columbus Medical Clinic
Community Health Center of SouthEast Kansas
Iola-Medical Clinic
Kansas Health Ethics
Pittsburg Medical-Main Clinic
University of Kansas Medical Center 
United Methodist Mexican American Ministries (7 Total Locations)


Baptist Health
Jewish Hospital & St. Marys Health Care 
St. Elizabeth Medical Center 


Terrebonne General Medical Center 


Alan Berkenwald, MD
Amherst Family Practice
Amherst Medical Associates
Atwood Health Center
Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Conz Street Internal Medicine
Cooley Dickinson Hospital
The New England College of Optometry 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI)
DFCI Cancer Care Center @ St. Elizabeth's Medical Center
DFCI Cancer Care Center @ Milford Regional Medical Center
DFCI Commonwealth Hematholgy Oncology (CHO) - Dorchester
DFCI CHO - Haverhill
DFCI CHO - Lawrence
DFCI CHO - Newburyport
DFCI CHO - Quincy
DFCI CHO - Stoneham
DFCI CHO - Weymouth
DFCI Main Campus - Boston
Franklin Orthopedic Group
Hadley Family Practice
Hadley Rehabilitation Services
Hampshire Family Physicians
Hampshire Orthopedics
Hampshire Orthopedics and Sports
Martha's Vineyard Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital
McLean Hospital
McLean Hospital - Borden Cottage
McLean Hospital - Cambridge Outpatient
McLean Hospital - Fernside
McLean Hospital - Franciscan
McLean Hospital - Gunderson Residence
McLean Hospital - Lincoln
McLean Hospital - Naukeag
McLean Hospital - Southeast
McLean Hospital - Waverly Oaks
McLean Hospital - Waverly Place
MGH Institute
Nantucket Cottage Hospital
Neighborhood Health Plan
Northampton Family Practice
Northampton Plastic Surgery
Northampton Rehabilitation Services
Newton-Wellesley Hospital
North Shore Medical Center
Partners Healthcare
Southampton Rehab Clinic
Spaulding Boston - Brighton
Spaulding Boston - Cambridge
Spaulding Boston - Cambridge Outpatient
Spaulding Boston - Downtown Crossing
Spaulding Boston - North End
Spaulding Boston - Outpatient
Spaulding Boston - West Roxbury
Spaulding Rehabilitation Network
South Deerfield Family Practice
South Hadley Internal Medicine
Sugarloaf Pediatrics
UMASS - 1 W Boylston
UMASS - 10 Winthrop Street
UMASS - 100 Providence Street
UMASS - 103 Millbury Street
UMASS - 108 Belmont Street
UMASS - 116 Belmont Street
UMASS - 121 Lincoln Street
UMASS - 146 Hudson Street
UMASS - 21 Eastern Avenue
UMASS - 210 Lincoln Street
UMASS - 225 Leominster Road
UMASS - 23 Wells Street
UMASS - 26 Julio Drive
UMASS - 26 Queen Street
UMASS - 275 Nichols Road
UMASS - 281 Lincoln Street
UMASS - 340 Maple Street
UMASS - 385 Grove Street
UMASS - 50 Leominster Road
UMASS - 52 Boyden Road
UMASS - 55 Lake Ave North
UMASS - 604 Main Street
UMASS - 640 Bolton Street
UMASS - 65 Canal Street
UMASS - 666 Lincoln Street
UMASS - 67 Millbrook Street
UMASS - 80 Erdman Way
UMASS - 91 Water Street
UMass Amherst Health Center
Visiting Nurse Association of Cape Cod
Williamsburg Internal Medicine
Windemere Nursing and Rehab Center
Worthington Health Center


Montgomery College     


Adult Well-Being Services
Aleda E Lutz VA Medical Center
Allegan General Hospital
Allegiance Health
Alpena Regional Medical Center
Ascension Health Great Lakes & MidAtlantic States Operating Group
Aspirus Grand View
Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital
Aspirus Ontonagon Hospital
Baraga County Memorial Hospital
Athletic Medicine, Center for
AuSable Valley Community Mental Health
Baraga County Memorial Hospital
Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
Battle Creek Health System
Bay Health
Bay Medical Center
Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health
Bay Regional Medical Center
Beaumont Hospital-Grosse Pointe
Beaumont Hospital - Royal Oak
Beaumont Hospital - Troy
Bell Memorial Hospital
Bi-County Community Hospital
Bixby Medical
Borgess Health
Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital
Borgess Medical Center
Borgess-Pipp Hospital
Botsford General Hospital
Brighton Hospital
Bronson Healthcare Group Inc.
Bronson LakeView Hospital
Bronson Methodist Hospital
Bronson Vicksburg Hospital
Butterworth Hospital
C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
Canterbury Health Care Inc.
Caro Community Hospital
Carson City Hospital
Central Michigan Community Hospital
Centra Wellness Network
Charlevoix Area Hospital
Cheboygan Memorial Hospital
Chelsea Community Hospital
Children's Hospital of Michigan
City of Hope National Medical Center
Clinton Memorial Hospital
Commerce Medical Center
Community Alliance
Community Health Center of Branch County
Covenant HealthCare
Crittenton Hospital
Crowne Point Sinai
Deckerville Community Hospital
Delta Dental Plan of Michigan
Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Ann Arbor
Detroit Medical Center
Detroit Receiving Hospital & Univ HC
Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority
Dickinson County Healthcare System
District Health Department #5
District Health Dept. #2
DMC Nursing Center - Northwest
DMC Nursing Center - West
DMC Surgery Hospital
DMC Huron Valley - Sinai Hospital
Doctors Hospital of Michigan
Downriver Center for Oncology
Eaton Rapids Medical Center
Foote Hospital
Forest Health Medical Center
Franklin Fitness Club
Garden City Hospital
Genesys Regional Medical Center    
Grand View Hospital
Gratiot Medical Center
Great Lakes Community Mental Health
Great Lakes Rehab Hospital
Harbor Beach Community Hospital
Haper/Hutzel Hospital
Harper Hospital
Harper Professional Building  
Harper University Hospital
Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital
Healthcare Council of MidMichigan
Healthshare Group/Northern Michigan Hospital
Healthsource Saginaw
Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
Helen Newberry Joy Hospital
Henry Ford Cottage Hospital
Henry Ford Health Systems
Henry Ford Hospital
Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital
Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals
Henry Ford Macombe Hospital - Warren Campus
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
Heritage of Healing
Herrick Medical Center
Herrick Memorial Hospital
Herrick Memorial Hospital - Continuing Care
Herrick Memorial Hospital -Herrick Manor
Herrick Memorial Hospital -Inpatient Rehab
HHS, Health Options 
Hills and Dales General Hospital
Hillsdale Community Health Center
Holland Hospital
Hurley Medical Center
Huron Medical Center
Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
Hutzel Hospital
Hutzel Warren Center
Information Systems Alliance   
Ingham Regional Medical Center
Ingham Regional Medical Center - Greenlawn Campus
Ingham Regional Medical Center - Pennsylvania Campus
Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital
Integrated Medical Partners
International Center
Ionia County Memorial Hospital
Ionia County Memorial Hospital Corporation
Iron County Community Hospital
Jewish Community Center
John D. Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Kalkaska Memoraial Medical Center
Kelsey Memorial Health Center
Keweenaw Memorial Medical Center
Kingswood Hospital
Kresge Eye Institute
Lahser Campus DMC
Lahser Pediatric Center
Lakeland Community Hospital, Watervliet
Lakeland Health Care
Lakeland Hospital - Niles
Lakeland Hosptial - St. Joseph
Lakeland Regional Health System
Lakeland Regional Medical Center
Lakeland Specialty Hospital - Berrien Center
Lakeshore Community Hospital
Lakeview Community Hospital
Lapeer Regional Hospital
Lapeer Regional Medical Center
Leelanau Memorial Health Center
Leelanau Memorial Hospital
LifeCare Ambulance Service
Livonia Health Care Center
Longacre House
Mackinac Straits Hospital & Health Center
Macomb Rehabilitation Center
Manistee - Benzie CMH 
Marlette Regional Hospital
Marquette General Hospital
Mary Free Bed Hospital and Rehabilitation Center   
McBride Quality Care Services, Inc. 
McKenzie Health System
McKenzie Memorial Hospital
McLaren Health Care Corp
McLaren Regional Medical Center
Mecosta County Medical Center
Memorial Healthcare Center 
Memorial Medical Center 
Mercy General Health Partners
Mercy General Health Partners - Oak Avenue Campus
Mercy Health Partners, Hackley Campus
Mercy Health Partners, Lakeshore Campus
Mercy Health Partners, Mercy Campus
Mercy Health Partners, Muskegon Campus
Mercy Health Services North
Mercy Health Services North - Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Mercy Hospital
Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Mercy Hospital Grayling
Mercy Memorial Hospital Corporation
MetroHealth Hospital  
MI Assoc. for Telecom in Healthcare(MATH)
Michigan Capital Healthcare
Michigan Center for Rural Health (MCRH)
Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA)
Michigan Home Health Association
Michigan Hospice Organization
Michigan Masonic Home
Michigan Public Health Institute
MidMichigan Medical Center
MidMichigan Medical Center - Clare
MidMichigan Medical Center - Gladwin
MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot
MidMichigan Health 
Morenci Health Care
Mount Clemens General Hospital
Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center
Munising Memorial Hospital
Munson Medical Center
NE MI Comm Mental Health Services
North Country Community Mental Health 
North Oakland Medical Centers
North Ottawa Community Hosptial
Northeast Michigan Community Mental Health   
Northeast Specialty Center
Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Authority 
Northern Michigan Regional Hospital
Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services
NORTHSTAR Health System
Novi DMC
Novi Rehab Center
O.S.F. St. Francis Hospital
Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority
Oaklawn Hospital
Oakwood Annapolis Hospital
Oakwood Healthcare Inc.
Oakwood Heritage Hospital
Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center-Dearborn
Oakwood Southshore Medical Center
Onsted Health Clinic
Ontonagon Memorial Hospital
Otsego Memorial Hospital
Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital
Pennock Hospital
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Service
POH Medical Center
POH Regional Medical Center
Pontiac Medical Center
Port Huron Hospital
Portage Health System
Priority Health 
Project Rehab 
Providence Hospital and Health Centers
Providence Hospital Medical Center
Providence Park Hospital
Provincial House of Adrian
Rogers City Rehabilitation Hospital
Ronald McDonald House
Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center
Saint Joseph Mercy Health System
Saint Mary's Health Care
Saint Mary's Mercy Medical Center
Sault Ste. Marie Tribal Health Center
Scheurer Hospital
Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital
Select Medical Corporation
Select Specialty Hospital - Ann Arbor
Select Specialty Hospital - Flint
Select Specialty Hospital - Mt. Clemens
Select Specialty Hospital - Wyandotte
Select Specialty Hospital of Western Michigan
Senior Independence, Center for
Sheridan Community Hospital   
Sinai - Grace Hospital
Sinai Berry Radiology Center
Sinai Berry Surgery Center
Sinai Blumberg Health Center
Sinai Health Center
Sinai Hospital
Sinai Maisel Women's Health Center
Sinai Physical Therapy
Sinai Rose Imagining Center
Sinai-Grace Hospital
Sisters of St. Joseph Health System
SJMHS McPherson Hospital
SJMHS Saline Community Hospital
South Haven Community Hospital
South Haven Health System
Southeast Michigan Health & Hospital Council
Southfield DMC
Southwest Rehab Hospital
Sparrow Clinton Hospital
Sparrow Health System
Sparrow Hospital-Main Campus
Sparrow Ionia Hospital
Spectrum Health
Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital
Spectrum Health - Butterworth Campus
Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial
Spectrum Health Kelsey Hospital
Spectrum Health - Kent Community Campus
Spectrum Health - Reed City Campus
Spectrum Health United Hospital
Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital
St. Francis Home
St. John Hospital & Medical Center
St. John Hospital & Medical Center - North Shores
St. John Macomb Hospital
St. John North Shores Hospital
St. John Northeast Community Hospital
St. John Oakland Hospital
St. John Providence Health System
St. John River District Hosptial
St. Joseph Health System
St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital
St. Joseph Mercy - Oakland
St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron
St. Joseph Mercy Saline
St. Joseph Mercy Health System
St. Joseph Mercy/Oakland
St. Joseph's Mercy of Macomb
St. Mary Mercy Hospital
St. Mary's of Michigan
St. Mary's of Michigan Standish Hospital
Standish Community Hospital
Straith Hospital For Speical Surgery
Sturgis Hospital
Thorn Health Center
Three Rivers Area Hospital
Three Rivers Health
Thunder Bay Community Health Service, Inc 
Trinity Health
U.P. Emergency Medical Service Corporation
United Health Organization
United Lifestyles
United Memorial Health Center
United Memorial Health System
Universal Kidney Foundation
University Health Center
University of Michigan Health System
University of Michigan Hospitals
Upper Peninsula Hospital Council
Visiting Nurses Association of Southeast Michigan
War Memorial Hospital
West Branch Regional Medical Center
West Michigan Community Mental Health System 
West Shore Medical Center
William Beaumont Hospital
William Beaumont Hospital - Royal Oak
William Beaumont Hosptial-TROY
Woodlands Behavioral Healthcare Network
Zeeland Community Hospital


Atonement Manor
Augustana Apartments
Augustana Home Care & Hospice HC
Bethal Manor II
Bethany Adult Day Services
Bethany Home - Alexandria
Bethany Home - Litchfield
Bethel Manor
Bridge Rehabilitation
Brookside Manor
BSM Home Care
Cardinal Homes
Clarkfield Care Center
Clarkfield Home Care
Colonial Manor Nursing Home
Colonial Manor of Balaton
Country Neighbor's Home, Inc. - Mapleton
Country Neighbor's Home, Inc. - New Richland
Country Neighbors' Home, Inc. - Lake Crystal
Country Neighbors' Home, Inc. - Le Center
Emmanuel Home
Emmanuel Nursing Home
Emmaus Place
First Christian Church Residence
Garce Manor
Gloria Dei Manor
Good Shepherd Apartments
Good Shepherd Lutheran Home
Green Acres Country Care Cetner
Heritage Living Center
Heritage Manor
Highland Manor
Hilltop Residence
Itasca Nursing Home
Knute Nelson Memorial Home
Lac Qui Parle Clinic of Madison
Lakeshore Lutheran Home
Lakeside Shore Apartments
Lamplighter Manor
Lilac Parkway Apartments
Madison Lutheran Home
Mankato Lutheran Home
Mankato Lutheran Home Care
Mankato Lutheran Home Christ the King Lutheran Church
Margaret's House
Martin Luther Manor
Martin Luther Manor - Creekside
Martin Luther Manor - Hope
Meadow Woods
Meeker County Transit Public Transportation
Mid-Minnesota Senior Dining
Nelson Gables
North Shore Townhomes
Old Shakopee North Condominiums
Park Villa
Parmly Lakeview Apartments
Parmly Senior Housing & Services
Pelican Valley Health Center
Point Pleasant Heights
Realife Cooperative of Mankato
Realife Cooperative of Owatonna
Realife Cooperative of Waseca
Shepherd Court Apartments
Shepherd Oak Apartments
Shepherd Oak West Apartments
Sibley Manor East
Sibley Manor West
Signe Burckhardt Manor
Sunnyside Care Center
St. Mary's Duluth Clinic
Sunrise Home
Sunrise of Superior
The Brooks on St. Paul
The Oaks
The Wilds of Sand Prairie
Twin City Linnea Home
Uptown Maple Commons
Western Home Health & Hospice Care
Willow Wood Apartments
Windmill Ponds
Winona Arms, Inc.


St. Mary's Health Center  


Billings Clinic


DFCI Cancer Care Center 


New Jersey Institute of Technology 
New Jersey School of Dentistry & Medicine
Occupational Training Center 
Rutgers University/Biomedical & Health Services 
The Valley Hospital


American Society of Radiologic Techs 


Renown Health 


Another Step, Inc. 
Catholic Health System
Greater Hudson Valley Health System
Grover M. Hermann Hospital
Grover M. Hermann Hospital Harris Campus
Kaleida Health 
Livingston Manor Primary Care
Mental Health Association of Ulster
Montefiore Medical Center 
Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership  
Orange Regional Medical Center
Orange Regional Medical Pavilion


Ashtabula County Medical Center
Beech Brook
Bellevue Hospital
Childrens Hospital Medical Center of Akron
Eastway Behavioral Health  
Fairfield Medical Center
Firelands Community Hospital
Firelands Regional Medical Center
Fisher Titus Medical Center
Fisher-Titus Medical Center
Forum Health 
Fulton County Health Center
Hospice of Southwest Ohio Foundation 
Joint Township District Memorial Hospital 
Knox Community Hospital
Lorian County Health and Dentistry  
Magruder Hospital
Marietta Memorial Hospital 
Medical College Hospital
Medical University of Ohio
Memorial Hospital
Mercy Children's Hospital
Mercy Health Partners - Toledo  
Mercy Hospital
Mercy Hospital
Mercy Memorial Hospital
Meridia Euclid Hospital
Meridia Hillcrest Hospital
Meridia Huron Hospital
Meridia South Pointe Hospital
Meridia/Cleveland Clinic Health System
Middletown Regional Hospital
Oberlin Medical Center
Parker-Hannifin Building
Parkwood Orthopedics, Inc.
Providence Hospital
Riverside Mercy Hospital
The MetroHealth System  
The Visiting Nurse Association of Cincinnati 


Northwest Laser Institute                                                                               


Moravian Village of Bethlehem 
Select Medical Corporation
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital



Maury Healthcare Systems 


Angleton-Danbury Gen Hospital
Emergency Medicine Residents Association 


First Step House Inc 


Health Industry Distributors Assoc
Heaven Sent by Home Town Health Care
UVA Health Services Foundation


Little Rivers Health Care, Inc. 


Good Samaritan Community Healthcare 
MultiCare Health System 
Whitman Hospital and Medical Center 


Advocate - All Saints Neonatology
Advocate - All Saints Pediatric
Affiliated Dental Center
Horizon Homecare and Hospice, Inc.
Home Health United
Mercy Beloit Medical Center
Mercy Brodhead Medical Center
Mercy Clinic East
Mercy Clinic North
Mercy Clinic South
Mercy Delavan Medical Center
Mercy Edgerton Medical Center
Mercy Elkhorn Medical Center
Mercy Evansville Medical Center
Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center
Mercy Janesville Community Health Center
Mercy Lake Geneva Medical Center
Mercy Lakeside Orthopaedics
Mercy Mall Clinic
Mercy Michael Berry Clinic
Mercy Milton Medical Center
Mercy Sharon Medical Center
Mercy Terrace
Mercy Walworth Hospital and Medical Center
Mercy West Clinic
Mercy Whitewater Medical Center
Wheaton Francisan Healthcare 


Cheynne Regional Medical Center 
Sheridan Memorial Hospital 
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