MiCTA Programs Provide Value to Members

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As a Member of MiCTA, your organization can utilize any or all of the competitively bid vendor contracts for organizational purchases. The inherent value of using MiCTA contracts include, but are not limited to:
1)             Comprehensive RFP Process: All MiCTA RFP/Q’s are fully competitive and defensible, and meet state government, education, library, healthcare, etc. purchasing requirements. A bid process paper is available to Members to justify MiCTA contract usage.
2)             Cost Savings: Members nationwide have access, at no charge, to low cost quality products, services and technical/customer support based on collective member usage RFP/Q’s. Vendors historically provide high quality, low cost and deeper discounts based on the sales potential of MiCTA’s collective use RFP/Q’s.
3)             Administrative Cost Savings: Members realize additional organizational savings through reduction of expenses generated by document development, publishing, evaluation processes, as well as contract negotiations and administration.
4)             Contract Options: MiCTA offers multiple contract awards to better serve the entire membership. Contracts are based on a scored evaluation process, pricing, and competitively negotiated contracts. An Endorsed vendor has met or exceeded all the core elements of the RFP/Q, is often a national offer, and is determined the “best value” based on product, pricing and services offered. Approved vendor has met the mandatory elements of the RFP/Q, may be a regional offer, and is deemed a “very good value” based on product, pricing and services offered.
5)             Commodity Type RFP/Q’s: By offering commodity type goods and services RFP/Q’s, Member organizations are available to focus their time and expertise on organization specific goods, services and contracts which results in 80% of overall organization savings.
6)             Participation Agreements: Members, purchasing under a MiCTA Master Contract, can negotiate required organizational purchasing terms and conditions with the successful vendors which are not covered by the MiCTA Master Contract.
7)             MiCTA Resources: MiCTA not only provides staff coordination of the bid processes, but also taps the accessible knowledge, expertise and experience of Members to assist in all aspects of the RFP/Q process.  Participating Members share ownership of the entire RFP/Q process and resulting contracts.
8)             Member Staffing: With current budget cuts, many Members are looking for ways to cut costs and provide savings with reduced staff. MiCTA’s coordination staff works with, not replaces, Member’s employees to produce cost effective commodity type purchase contracts that generate overall cost savings.
9)             Living Contracts: All MiCTA contracts provide for the addition of new technology as it is released for sale, and elimination of obsolete technology.
10)         Marketing Trends:   Members can actively influence various markets and industries by banding together as one entity under the MiCTA leadership to voice their concerns and requirements.
MiCTA’s membership fee includes Member access to all Endorsed and Approved contracts, at no additional charge. Members are asked to assist in maintaining the current strong and effective RFP/Q initiatives by submission of usage volumes, participation in the RFP/Q processes, and usage of the successful vendor contracts. If you have questions regarding the RFP process, please do not hesitate to contact the MiCTA offices at 1-888-964-2227 or 989-753-2424, or e-mail micta@mictatech.org.