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Legislative & Regulatory Updates - Randal Hayes


Legislative and Regulatory Update - Randy Hayes

The News You REALLY Can Use!
Randal J. Hayes
 Randy Hayes - Bio



We are confident this column will be a “must read” for the membership, as it will provide legislative and regulatory information impacting your Information Communications Technology (ICT) operation overall as well as on a daily basis. Make your boss believe you can see the future as you use the information to predict budgetary changes in both expense and revenue, too. 


April 2014 - This Issue Includes:

  • House Issues Paper on Spectrum for T-Com Act Update

  • Appeals Court Rules on Net Neutrality

  • January 2014 Court Ruling

Universal Service in the News/ICC in the News
  • USF Contribution Factor Rises Yet Again in the 2nd Quarter 2014
  • FCC Announces Additional Investement in E-Rate Broadband Support
Wireless Issues
  • FCC/Major Wireless Carriers Agree on Text-to-911
  • U.S. to Transition Internet Domain Name Funtions Globally
  • FCC Readies Auction for Mobile Broadband
International Issues
  • EU Progresses in Eliminating Roaming Fees Among its Members
  • ITU Holds Conference to Assist in Achieving Universal BB Connectivity
Recently - Released FCC and USAC USF Reports
  • FCC Press Release on Second Quarter 2014 Contribution Factor Proposal
  • USAC USF Support Quarterly Contribution Base Report for Second Quarter 2014
  • USAC USF Fund Size Projections Report for Second Quarter 2014
Also you can still check out the January Issue:



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