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E-Rate - TISA 470





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MiCTA Certified 470


MiCTA - ITR TISA 2010 Priority 1 - 470


MiCTA - ITR TISA 2010 Priority 2 - 470


UPDATE 1-15-10

Dear Interested Vendor,
MiCTA has filed (2) E-Rate 470’s covering both Priority 1 #526520000796986 & Priority 2 #638840000811798  E-Rate funding with the exception of Video Systems/Components/Maintenance under Priority 2. If you are interested in responding to either or both of these 470’s and have not yet done so please sign and return the ITR’s located on the MiCTA home page by 11:59pm EST Jan 31st, 2010.
Once you have responded with the ITR(s) you will need to follow the timeframe set forth under the MiCTA RFP response process as listed on the MiCTA web site to be considered for approval. It is understood that the award of contracts under this process will be available for use by E-Rate eligible MiCTA members beginning with the 2011-2012 471 filing process giving them the opportunity to eliminate filing a 470(s) themselves.
If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to contact me via email or at the cell number listed below or the MiCTA office at 888-964-2227.
Regards and thank you,
Gary Green
MiCTA Consultant





January 5, 2010
Dear Interested Vendor,
MiCTA is supporting its K-12, Library and K-12/Library Consortium members by engaging in the USAC/SLD 470 E-Rate process for Telecommunications/Internet Eligible products and services. We are doing this in concert with the release of MiCTA’s Internal RFP in order to eliminate duplication of requests reducing time and costs for those vendors who want to participate in both processes. Therefore, please respond to the MiCTA 470 ITR posted to this location.
In responding to the certified MiCTA Telecommunications/Internet 470 #526520000796986 it is understood that MiCTA’s RFP may also include requests for non-eligible E-Rate products and services. The E-Rate Eligible Services List for Funding Year 2010 can be found at this address http://www.usac.org/sl/tools/eligible-services-list.aspx .
MiCTA’s goal, through its overall potential organizational buying power, is to provide our K-12, Library and K-12/Library Consortium members with the most aggressive pricing possible while maintaining the highest quality in products and services. We appreciate your willingness to participate in this dual process.
Gary Green
MiCTA Consultant