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Dear MiCTA Health Care Members and related Consortiums, MiCTA HCF Eligible Company’s, and interested Health Care Providers.  This new area of the MiCTA Home Page has been created to allow you, our Health Care Members, to “fast track” to the most pertinent information relative to the use of HCF eligible MiCTA MSA’s (Master Service Agreements) allowing you to “by-pass” the bidding process and file directly for services using one of the MiCTA Vendors listed. 

Passed into law on December 12, 2012 by the FCC, this new “Visionary Fund” changes the course of funding for Rural Health Care under USF providing sweeping changes, from a flat rate of 65% for all services and eligible network equipment to the potential for participation of non-rural HCPs and for profit healthcare providers in a majority rural HCP consortium, and much more.  MiCTA would like to thank the Commission and Staff for its diligence in making the Healthcare Connect Fund a reality.

Below you will find links to MiCTA’s Eligible Vendors, the section of the new Order 12-150 affirming the legal use of MiCTA’s E-Rate Contracts as Eligible under the HCF program highlighted in “yellow” on pages 115-116, the “How to Join Member Form”, and a page containing access to all of the information, forms, etc., relative to this new “Fund.”

Note:  The HCF Program forms 460,462 and 463 are filed on-line using My Portal.  If you do not have an FCC Registration Number you must obtain one prior to filing your 460(s).  A 460 must be completed for each site that wants to participate.  This includes each eligible HCP site, non-rural site, Ineligible site, off-site data center, and off-site administrative office.  Members can submit form 460 and supporting documentation at any time during the funding year to establish eligibility prior to using any of the MiCTA Contracts/MSAs (Master Service Agreements). 

Per the FCC and USAC all eligible funding requests for the 2016 second funding window will be pro-rated to 92.5%.  All FCL’s for this period should be received by Monday, April 17, 2017.

The initial filing period to submit funding requests for the 2017 funding window is March 1, 2017 through May 31, 2017.  Funding requests received between these dates will be considered as received “Within the Window.”  Once the initial filing window has closed USAC will determine over the course of the next two months if there are still funds available to warrant opening another filing window.


Eligible Vendors

FCC - MiCTA pages 115-116

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