Single point of contact for all RFP/RFO activity is Tim von Hoff

Tim can be reached at or 888-964-2227

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About MiCTA Request for Proposals (RFP)/ Request for Offer (RFO)

As Member procurement requirements increase, MiCTA continues to look for ways to provide essential products and services at the best overall value. The Request For Proposal (RFP) or Request for Offer (RFO) process provides the avenue from which MiCTA is able to enter into agreements for these products and services on behalf of the membership nationwide. Successful RFP/RFO’s require input from Members and vendors, and information on industry trends and standards all of which contribute to the content of the RFP/RFO and processing timeline. MiCTA is responsible for issuing and evaluating RFP/RFO projects, and administering all resulting agreements.

Member participation in the RFP/RFO evaluation process is also very important, and Members are encouraged to volunteer their time and expertise as schedules permit. The success of each RFP/RFO is a result of Member input, participation, and tremendous support given to the successful MiCTA vendors.

Current RFP Information
  • MT-ENS 2018 RFP               More Details - Click Here
  • MT-TISA 2018 RFP              More Details - Click Here


Past MiCTA RFP's

♦ MT-DSSA 2015 RFP

♦ MT-FBOS 2014 RFP

♦ MT-TISA 2013 RFP

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♦ MT-E911a 2012 RFP More Details - Click Here

♦ MT-MLTS 2012 RFP

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♦ MT-NG 911 2012 RFP

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♦ MT-TISA 2010 RFP More Details - Click Here
Single point of contact for all RFP/RFO activity is Tim von Hoff.   He can be reached at or 888-964-2227.