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Contract Details:

  • Master Service Agreement
  • Pricing
  • Participation Agreement


Jeff Alvich

Managing Director
(310) 880-5591

Current RFP Awards: Approved - National

Products Under Contract

  • Speciality Services and Applications
    • Consulting, Security and Training Services

For a complete list of products and services awarded under contract please see the Master Service Agreement.

White Paper - Cyber Security: Building Defense, Staying Ahead

Protecting Critical Infrastructure from cyber attacks has emerged as one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century. Cyber crime and cyber terrorism are unseen vulnerabilities that affect nearly all of us in a myriad of ways—from personal information protection to national security concerns.

Because there are, at present, no fully established and effective solutions to the ever-increasing number and severity of cyber attacks, societies everywhere are grappling to find the most appropriate proactive remedies for mitigating, preparing for, responding to and recovering from the debilitating destruction that hackers and cyber criminals can wreak on corporations and governments...

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Press Release

MiCTA Selects Strategic Management Associates as a National Vendor for Security Consulting Services

Saginaw, MI (April 4) – MiCTA, a national, non-profit group purchasing organization located in Saginaw, MI, has named Strategic Management Associates as an approved national vendor for network and desktop security consulting services. The initial Master Service Agreement will enable MiCTA members to purchase information security consulting services from SMA at a discount until 2016.

"MiCTA is pleased to welcome Strategic Management Associates as an approved national vendor for security consulting services," says Tim von Hoff, Chief Operating Officer of MiCTA. "Network and desktop security are at the forefront of our members' information security concerns. Providing high quality, reliable consulting services will enable our members to protect their networks, users and information assets."

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