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No Location is an Island
Your organizational needs combined with our knowledge of technology and experience

Organizations with multiple locations have unique and sometimes challenging communications and connectivity needs. Sometimes these unique needs create opportunities for creating efficiencies and reduced costs through the use of technologies that allow services to be consolidated. While in other cases the requirements result in a very complex network architecture. Whether you’re trying to provide voice, data, Internet or video services for a multi-location business, the best approach is to consider the needs of your organization as a whole.

Get There Faster with Fiber
Fiber Internet Access, high-performance, dedicated connection

Faster insights and empowered clients start with a dedicated, high-performance fiber network designed for mission-critical, data and cloud-based applications

Drive Results with a Secure and Reliable Network
Flexible Ethernet solutions for businesses of any size and complexity

Seamless collaboration across locations starts with a consistent and reliable Ethernet connection. Our high capacity Ethernet solutions deliver secure and predictable Wide Area Network connectivity to keep your business running at enterprise speed.


Customized Ethernet Connectivity with Nationwide Reach
Securely and Reliably Link Multiple Locations

Ethernet Services provided by Charter Communications offers secure Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions that can support and connect all your business locations. With advanced technology, Charter can design custom WAN Infrastructure solutions to fit your business needs that are flexible, scalable, reliable and secure. Select the right Ethernet Services bandwidth with speeds all the way up to 10 gigabits per seconds, to move critical data securely across all your locations. Choose the partner that is the first North American service provider to earn all 8 of Metro Ethernet Forum’s CE 2.0 Certifications.

Dedicated Internet Access

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is IP over IEEE 802.3-based full duplex noncircuit switched services. DIA is provisioned on dedicated ­fiber optic facilities from the customer’s premises to our hubsite and is rate-limited at the Ethernet aggregation switch from 3 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Customers have access to parameters that can be measured and verified which include network availability, latency, packet loss and mean time to restore: key metrics to discover and help prevent downtime.

Our tools provide tests that are performed from various locations and keep both external and internal components under consistent surveillance. This comprehensive monitoring can be done at a variety of time intervals depending on your business’s specific needs.

DIA for Reliable, Robust and Consistent Performance

Our Dedicated Internet Access is a private (not shared) connection, ensuring that you are not competing for bandwidth.

  • Redundant IP network architecture for added stability, guaranteed availability and quality of service
  • Dedicated bandwidth to meet heavy data demands through a dedicated port
  • Single point of contact through dedicated local account management
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring by our customer support team dedicated to your network
  • Border gateway protocol (BGP) routing for dynamic routing of information between different administrative routing domains without passing explicit topology details
  • IP address space included; more available in accordance with ARIN IP allocation policies
  • Support for hosting your own mail and DNS services

K-12 Dedicated Fiber Case Study

Dedicated Fiber for Wylie ISD Enables Collaborative Teaching Apps and BYOD for K-12 Students

“I’ve been in the technology field for almost 30 years… I rarely saw Internet circuits that were as stable as this....”

– Chris Lamb, Chief Information Officer, Wylie Independent School District

Chris Lamb, Chief Information Officer