National E-Rate Program
Eligible Vendors

MiCTA 470’s

Dear MiCTA E-Rate Members and Eligible Vendors,

Please find the respective lists below of MiCTA K-12 and Library Members who were members when MiCTA filed one or more of the following 470’s: Category 1 TISA (Telecom and Internet Services and Equipment) Category 1 FBOS (Fiber Build-Out Services), and Category 2 (Distributed Antenna System, Small Cell and Specialty Services). Organizations that are highlighted in yellow are inactive members.  Per FCC rules, Members included in each respective list are eligible to use any MiCTA Vendor Contract(s) under the corresponding Category without having to file a 470.


TISA P1-347930001142588
(Covers all Eligible Telecom and Internet Services)

Distributed Antenna Products and Services
Category (2) #720720001337271